Webinar: How to Drive Digital Donor Engagement with StratusLIVE Ignite

Digital Donor Engagement_Jan

Online giving increased 32% in 2020! Digital transformation is no longer a casual and future objective but rather an essential and immediate reality for your nonprofit. 

Join StratusLIVE for our upcoming webinar during which we'll dig into nonprofit digital transformation and how the newly expanded StratusLIVE Ignite platform can propel your organization into the future of fundraising.  

During this one-hour webinar, we will discuss: 

  • The modern nonprofit's need to pursue digital maturity
  • The demands of today's digital donor and corresponding giving methods to meet these demands
  • StratusLIVE Ignite, the All-in-One Digital Online Giving Platform as a tool to maximize your ability to engage in this new, digital environment 

The live event has ended. Please access the recording on the right.

You may access the deck here.