Webinar: Transform your Nonprofit’s Fundraising & Marketing for a Donor-First Digital Revolution

SL_CD_Webinar-pngLast year, many nonprofit organizations transformed their marketing, fundraising, and operations to an all-digital environment instantaneously. As you begin to evaluate your previous year’s campaigns, how can your nonprofit future-proof your digital marketing and fundraising strategies for tomorrow?

In this webinar presented by StratusLIVE and ClickDimensions, we will:

  • Revisit 2020 and the resulting impact upon nonprofit digital transformation
  • Offer key considerations nonprofits must make to appeal to the all-donor experience in the all-digital world
  • Provide 5 all-digital strategies that fuel all-donor engagement

It’s time to move beyond email and deliver sophisticated digital donor experiences that enlighten, transform, and inspire.

The live event has ended. Please access the recording via the form fill. 

Who is StratusLIVE?

StratusLIVE, an industry leader of Software for Social Good, empowers organizations to drive change and increase impact through its Nonprofit CRM and Online Giving Platforms. StratusLIVE 365 and StratusLIVE Ignite seamlessly integrate throughout the entire philanthropic organization, enabling greater visibility into donor insights.

Who is ClickDimensions? 

Providing email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, campaign automation, nurture marketing, social discovery, form capture, surveys and more, ClickDimensions allows organizations to discover who is interested in their products, quantify their level of interest and take the appropriate actions.